Living Dangerously?

Not Directly Related to MTH 100---Living Dangerously

Almost fifteen years ago, on a very cool day is southern Vermont, I took my children to the edge of an enticing hole. Here it is (click any image to view a larger, more detailed image):

We literally spent several hours walking (mostly dead ends) to find this spot in rural Vermont, and it was well worth the effort. It was frightening at first, and I had to constantly encourage the kids to lay low and keep it slow. Lots of ``bozos'' died here, many (I think) because they decided to get in the hole without a way out (note the climber's ladder). Also, the water is so cold that one would not last long unless they had a way out. No, I'm not putting the kids in peril, just showing them a bit of responsible excitement. Yes, you too need to get close to the edge . . . then, and only then, will you know you are alive!

The look of excitement is on Liam's face as he looks into the bowl. Liam actually got in, but I had to jump from the ledge into the frigid water several times before I could convince Liam that it was safe. Funny, but the water was so cold that I almost could not breath and the jump actually forces the body deep into the hole . . . it's an abyss.

This is Ricardo at the hole's edge. Note the ladder behind him, without the ladder you'd never get out unless, of course, you know how to climb smooth rock walls the are in the shape of a classic fish bowl. However, there's always the falls where the water exits, but that, in my humble opinion, is certain death. Ricardo was, unfortunately too scared to enter the hole. Furthermore, the water was slightly warmer than ice and the air-temp was only in the 60s so there was no real incentive to jump in anyway.