Course Notes

You may download and print the notes for free. These notes will provide structure to the classroom only and should not be used without attending each and every lecture. These notes also include the course syllabus, and all written assignments. If you want to avoid the hassle of printing, you may purchase a copy of the notes from Lulu.

You may download a copy of your section's class syllabus.

  • Ron Bannon's section 009 syllabus.
  • Dr. Susan Gaulden's section 001 syllabus.
  • Dr. Susan Gaulden's section 014 syllabus.
  • Prof. Ines Figueiras's section 007 syllabus.
  • Prof. Ines Figueiras's section 013 syllabus.
  • Dr. Alvin William's section 006 syllabus.
  • Dr. Alvin William's section 022 syllabus.


Please view you section's syllabi for exact worth of the online homework (usually 15%--20%). Here's what you need to do immediately, yes, immediately:
  • Go to WebAssign.
  • You'll need to enter this Class Key for your section:
  • Ron Bannon's Class Key for section 009 is essex 2547 1023
  • Dr. Susan Gaulden's Class Key for section 001 is essex 4728 7422
  • Dr. Susan Gaulden's for section 014 is essex  3222 9238 
  • Prof. Ines Figueiras for section 007 is essex 0098 1580
  • Prof. Ines Figueiras for section 013 is essex 1590 3043
  • Dr. Alvin Williams for section 006 is essex 1950 6588
  • Dr. Alvin Williams for section 022 is essex 2883 2559
  • Please use your real names when registering.
Questions or concerns should be brought to your teacher's attention.

The Book (Intermediate Algebra, Aufmann et. al.)

We're using Aufmann/Lockwood; Intermediate Algebra: An Applied Approach, 9th Edition.

You have three options.
  • Option #1: Loose-leaf version with WebAssign available in College Bookstore. ISBN: 1285417453
  • Option #2: WebAssign with eBook access code. Purchase directly from WebAssign.
  • Option #3: WebAssign with eBook access code. Purchase directly from College Bookstore.